Sunday, March 1, 2015

Virgin Mojito

Virgin Mojito is a refreshing drink. In simple language, it means Neembu Sharbat plus mint leaves. Very simple and quick to make. 

Serving: 1 Glass
Approx. Time: 5-10 minutes

15-20 Fresh Mint leaves
2-3 tbspns Sugar
1 Lemon wedges
A pinch of Salt
2 cups Soda / Sparkling Water (or as required)
Crushed ice

For Garnishing:
Ice Cubes
Mint leaves
Lemon Wedges

Take Mint leaves, Sugar, Lemon wedges and Salt in a Jar. Crush all the ingredients with a muddler so that the ingredients release their flavours. Then finally add the Soda / Sparkling Water to the mixture. 
To Serve mix some Sugar and Salt in a small plate. Wet the edge of the glass with a small lemon wedge. Now dip the glass in the sugar and Salt mixture. While serving add some Ice cubes, Mint leaves and lemon wedges to the glass. Strain the drink and then pour the drink into the glass. Serve chilled. 

1. You may replace Club Soda with Spirte. 
2. The quantity of Sugar may be adjusted according to your taste. 
3. You may use Sugar Syrup instead of Sugar

Stepwise Pictures

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