Monday, August 31, 2009

Ice-cream Float

Ice-cream float is a hot favourite of all the guests who visit to our home during 10 days of Ganpati. This is indeed a very simple recipe, but still is very attractive, especially children love this float.

Here is the recipe.... 
Plain vanilla ice-cream
Blue Curacao Sweet Lime and Orange Crush
Ice-cream Soda / Sprite

Take Vanilla Ice cream in a tall glass.
Pour Blue Curacao Sweet Lime and orange crush (Mapro Syrup) over it.
Now slowly pour Ice-cream soda / Sprite on it.
The blue coloured syrup and Vanilla ice-cream will raise like fountain.
Add mint leaves on it for garnishing (optional)

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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Modak are prepared at least once in most of the homes during this Ganpati festival. After preparing modak, if some Ukad is leftover, then “Niavgri” is made out of it. Nivagri is a very simple recipe but has amazing taste. It is served with Curd or few may have it with plain Oil (Kaccha Tel)

Ingredients :
2 cups Rice flour (Tandulachi Pithi)
2 cups Water
5-6 Green Chillies
2 Tspns Cumin Seeds (Jeera)
3-4 Tspns Ghee - Sajuk Tup (Or Oil)

Preparation :
Heat water with 2-3 tspns of Ghee or oil and salt.
Add rice flour t boiling water and mix it continuously.
Turn off the heat.
Take Ukad in a plate and knead it by putting 1-2 tspns of oil.
Make paste of Green Chillies, Cumin Seeds and salt
Add paste to Ukad and knead again.
Now make small puri like shapes of the batter
Boil it in Modak-Paatra / Idli Paatra for 15-20 minutes
Garnish it with corriander (optional) and Nivagri is ready to eat.

Tip : Instead of Ghee / Sajuk Tup or Oil, you may use Butter (Loni) for making ukad.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gavhle (गव्हले)

When I was a kid, my grandmother used to make Gavhle (गव्हले) and I would also join her in that. It used to take hours for us to prepare these, but still it was a fun activity. “Gavhlyachi Kheer” is usually prepared and served during weddings as a good omen.

Gavhle may also be referred as the Indian version of hand made pasta. It is believed that Gavhle has got its name after the shape of wheat grain known as 'Gahu' (which is the Wheat grain) in Marathi. It is also known as 'Valvat' in few homes.

As per my knowledge, there are 5 types of Gavhale, viz. Gavhale (गव्हले), Maaltya (मालत्या), Fanole (फणोले), Mohor (मोहोर) and Nakhole (नखोले)

Ingredients :
½  cup fine Semolina
½ cup Maida (all purpose flour)
1 spoon ghee (sajuk toup)
A pinch of Salt

Preparation :
Mix Semolina and Maida in a bowl.
Add ghee to it.
Add only that much quantity of milk which is required to knead the batter with dry consistency.
Keep it aside for 2 -3 hours.
Again knead the batter.
Make gavhle by giving fine rice-like shape to the batter. (It should look like fine rice grain)
Dry the Gavhle under fan and not under the Sun. (It releases bad odour if dried under Sun)
You may preserve gavhle in refrigerator for many days

1. Kheer or Sakharbhaat can be prepared by using Gavhle.
2. It is also made with Maida (All purpose flour) only 
3. If the dough becomes dry then knead it with the help of few drops of water / milk

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hrishinchi Bhaji

On the very first day of Ganpati Chaturthi, we use to start preparations for this bhaji. This bhaji comprises of mixture of 8-10 vegetables and is made specially for Hrishipanchami. We use to buy small quantity of vegetables from 'Vasai-vale' or ladies sitting with small 'vate'. This is totally oil free recipe but the taste is amazing.

Ingredients :
Alu Leaves along with Dethi
Laal Maath
Navdhari Bhende (Okra)
Pumpkin (Laal Bhopla)
Ghosale or Shirale
Snakegourd (Padwal)
Sweet Corn or Bhutta (regular corn)
Green Chillies
Salt to taste

Method :
Cut all the vegetables
Add some water and boil the vegetables in cooker
Add curd to the vegetables at the time of serving.

Optional : You may add tempering of  Pure Ghee and Cumin Seeds ("Tup-Jeeryachi phodni") to enhance the taste.

Instant Bread Dhokla

This is my first recipe submitted to Ganeshotsav contest when we were staying in Girgaon. I was in school (may be in 6th or 7th standard) when I made this recipe. It was surprised to me when I won third prize for this recipe in "Annakot spardha"

Now this has become a very very common recipe. But still I love this recipe and hence I am sharing it.


Bread Slices
Green Chutney
Mustard Seeds

Preparation :

Take 2 bread slices.
Apply curd on one side of each bread slices and keep it for 10 minutes.
Thereafter apply green chutney and put the slice of bread on other one. (Just like sandwich).
Then heat oil in a pan and after heating put mustard seeds in it.
Thereafter pour it on bread. It will look and taste like dhokla

Monday, August 24, 2009

Petha-Gulkand Satori

Wishing you all a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. Ganesh Utsav festival has just begun and preparations of prasad is in full swing. Generally various type of modaks are offerred to Ganpati. Satori is however a hatke recipe in Ganeshotsav. You may preserve it for 7-8 days without refrigeration. Here is the recipe of Satori

1 Cup Maida
Ghee (Sajuk Tup)
Salt to taste

Preparation :
Grate Petha and add Gulkanda to it to make stuffing.
Heat 1 tsp of Ghee and pour it on Maida (For Mohan)
Knead maida with water and set it aside for 5 minutes
Now make small balls of maida and stuff petha-gulkanda stuffing in it.
Make small rotis and roast it on Tawa.

Cook on a tava over a medium flame till golden brown in colour on both sides.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chatpate Alu

This recipe is very close to my heart since I have shown this on Television program on Zee Marathi - "Aamhi Saarey Khavayye" with Prashant Damle. This recipe is inspired by a traditional Gujarati recipe, which you find in Gujarati weddings.

Ingredients :
4-5 Potatoes
1 Bowl Cashews
¼ Bowl Sesame (Til)
1 Tspn Aamchur Powder
2-3 Tspns Dhana Jeera Power
2 Tspns Pepper Powder
1 Tspn Red Chilly Powder
3-4 Tspns Asafetida

Preparation :

Boil Potatoes and remove the skin. Cut it into vertical pieces.
Take water in bowl and add salt & Asafoetida (Hing) to it. (Take 3-4 spoons of hing)
Soak the cut potato pieces into the water for 15 minutes
Till that time, fry cashews in oil and keep it aside
Mix Aamchur Powder, Dhana Jeera Powder, Pepper Powder, Red Chilly Powder in a plate and dip potato pieces into the masala.
Now heat oil into Kadai and add sesame seeds (Til) to it.
Now, put potato pieces and fried cashews into Kadai.
Add some sugar to taste and garnish it with finely chopped coriander.

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