Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Punjabi Samosa

Whenever I go out for movies, my favourite snacking during intervals is "Samosa" (even though it add-ons to lot of calories). But I have never tried to make samosa at home. I was under belief that my samosa will not get that 'outside' taste. But after trying Samosa at home, I proved myself wrong, because it was far better n healthier than those outside samosas. The samosas which we get outside are large, but I made it medium sized as I was doing it for the first time.

Ingredients :

For Covering
2 cups maida (All purpose flour)
1 tspn carom seeds ('Owa' in marathi)
1/4 cup pure ghee
Water as required
Salt to taste

For stuffing 
1 cup boiled and mashed potato
1/2 cup boiled green peas
2 tbspn finely chopped corriander
1 tspn garam masala
1/4 tspn black pepper powder
1/4 tspn dry mango powder (Aamchur)
1/2 tspn cumin & Corriander powder (Dhana-Jeera Powder)
1/2 tspn sugar
2 tbspns oil
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
1/4 tspn asafoetida
1/2 tspn Saunf seeds
1/2 green chillies paste
1 tspn ginger-garlic paste
Salt to taste

Oil for Deep frying

Preparation :

For Covering
Mix Maida, carom seeds and salt in a vessel
Heat ghee in a pan
Pour ghee over the Maida
knead firm dough using water
Allow it to rest for 15-20 minutes

For Stuffing :

Heat oil in a pan
Add cumin seeds, ginger garlic paste, greenchillies, asafoetida.
Then add mashed potatoes and grean peas
Saute the mixture for 5-6 minutes
Then add garam masala, dry mango powder, cumin & corriander powder, sugar, salt and chopped corriander to it.
Mix it well.

To make samosas :
Make lemon sized balls of the covering batter
Roll the balls into puri sized rotis
Cut the roti into half
Apply water on the edges
Fold the half cut roti into a cone
Stuff the cone with the samosa stuffing
Seal the edges.
Make all the samosas in the same manner
Cover it with moist cloth till fried

Now heat oil in a kadai
Deep fry the samosas over medium heat till it becomes golden brown in colour
Drain and place on an absorbent paper
Serve hot

Note :
The dough for samosa cover should not be soft, which may result into soft samosas.

Stepwise pictures :

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Spicy Pumpkin Soup (Thai Style)

.A simple spicy soup made with Thai seasoning and Thai curry paste.

Ingredients :

2 cups pumpkin pieces (cut into pieces)
1 onion, chopped
1 tbsp Red Curry Paste
2 cups coconut milk
2 cups water
2 tspns Thai Seasoning
1 tspn basil (finely chopped)
1 tbspn corriander (finely chopped)
1 tbsp oil
salt to taste

Preparation :

Heat the oil in a pan
Add finely chopped onion
Fry onion till it becomes transulent
Add red curry paste to the fried onions
Again fry the mixture till oil is separated
After thai curry paste is cooked add Thai seasoning
Add pumpkin pieces, coconut milk and water
Cover with the pan with lid
Allow the pumpkin to cook for till the pumpkin is tender
Transfer the mixture into a blender
Blend the mixture till it becomes soft puree
Add finely chopped basil leaves and salt
Heat the mixture for few minutes
Garnished it with chopped coriander
Serve hot

Note :
You may add boiled pumpkin pieces to the soup

Stepwise pictures :

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Veg. Thai Red Curry

Thai red curry is very easy to cook. Further, it takes lesser time if the red curry paste is kept ready. This curry goes well with plain Steamed rice.

Ingredients :
2 cups coconut milk
1/2 cup chopped basil leaves
2 cups chopped mixed vegetables
[I used baby corn, broccoli, mushrooms, capsicum]
2 tbsp oil
1/2 tsp soy sauce
1/2 tspn Thai Seasoning
1 tbsp cornflour paste
salt to taste


Steam / Blanch all the vegetables and keep aside

Take oil in a non stick pan
Add red curry paste and fry it for 3-4 minutes
After red curry paste, add chopped basil leaves 
Fry it to 1-2 minutes
Then add half of the coconut milk,Thai Seasoning, soy sauce and cooked vegetables to it.
Cover lid of the pan for 2 minutes

Now add cornflour paste to balance coconut milk
Add this mixture to the cooking curry
Add salt to taste
Boil it for further 2 minutes till the curry thickens
Serve hot

Stepwise Pictures :

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thai Curry Paste

Since long time I had desire to cook Thai cuisine. So I decided to make thai curry paste, which is used as a core ingredient in many of the thai recipes.

Even though I wanted to make Thai Red Curry Paste, the colour turned out something else. But then I realised that this was due to non usage of Kashmiri chillies. Further, I have also dropeed Golden Mountain Sauce due to non-availabilty in my departmental store.

You may make this paste well in advance to use in various Thai dishes.

1 chopped onion
8-10 Kashmiri red chilles,
4 garlic cloves
1 tbsp ginger (grated)
2 lemongrass stalks (Paati chaha / Gavati chaha in marathi)
2 tbspn chopped coriander
2 tbspns Dhana-jeera powder(corriande-cumin powder)
1/2 tsp black pepper
2 tspns soy sauce
2 tspn fresh lime juice
1 tsp salt

soak red chillies in warm water for 10 minutes
Transfer all the ingredients in blender
Add small quantity of water to facilitate blending
Grind it to paste
Store in an airtight container in refrigerator

Note :
1. This can be stored for approximately 3-4 weeks
2. If storage is not requied, then water can be substituted with Fresh coconut milk
3. 1/2 tspn cinnamon powder may be also be added to enhance the flavour

Pictures :

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Madhur Milan

A delicious fusion of Mini Gulabjamuns crumbled boondi laddoos and rabdi

Ingredients :
15-20 mini gulabjamuns 
5-6 medium Boondi Ladoos 
8-10 chopped almonds
8-10 chopped cashewnuts
1 tspn milk masala
2 cups rabdi

Preparation :

Take boondi laddoos in a bowl and crumble it
Add chopped almonds and cashewnuts and mix it with the laddoos
Now take a microve dish
Spread the boondi stuffing over it
Now spread the mini gulabjamuns
Now spread rabdi over the gulabjamun layer
Place the dish in microwave oven
Heat it for 10-15 minutes
Check whether the upper portion has turned slight brown
Now sprinkle milk masala over the rabdi
Serve hot

Note : This recipe tastes too sweet.

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