Monday, May 21, 2012

Mango Kadhi

Sweet Kadhi  is a Gujarati speciality, which has a sweet, sour and pungent taste. Gujarati kadhi itself has a wonderful taste and adding mango pulp only it makes it more rich and aromatic. Mango Kadhi is very simple to make and can be served with plain roti, khichadi or steamed rice.

Servings :
4 persons along with main course 

Ingredients :

For chickpea slurry :
2 tspns chickpea flour (Besan)
4-5 tspns water

For Tempering :
1 tspn ghee 
1 tspn cumin seeds (Jeera)
1/4 tspn fenugreek seeds (Methi)
1/4 tspn asafoetida powder (Hing)
1/2 tspn ginger paste
1-2 green chillies  (Chopped)
7-8 curry leaves

For Mango Kadhi :
1 cup alphanso mango pulp
1 cup semi-sour curds
1/2 cup water
2 tbspns sugar (or as per taste)
Chickpea slurry (as above)
1/2 tspn turmeric powder
Salt to taste

For Garnishing :
Chopped fresh coriander leaves

Method :

To make chickpea slurry :
Take chickpea flour in a bowl. Add some water to it. whisk it to form smooth paste. 

To make Mango Kadhi :
Take curd in a bowl. Whisk it with the help of blender. Add some water and again whisk it. Then add chickpea slurry to the curds and blend it. Also whisk the Mango pulp separately and set it aside. 

Now heat ghee in a pan. Then add cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, asafoetida powder, ginger paste, green chillies and curry leaves to the ghee. Pour curd mixture and stir it. After a minute, add mango pulp to the mixture and mix it. Thereafter add turmeric powder, sugar and salt. Simmer it for 4-5 minutes. Garnish it to chopped fresh corriander leaves.

Serve hot with roti, rice or khichadi. 

Notes :

1. You may also add clove powder to enhance the taste of Kadhi. 
2. If you remove the key ingredient - Mango pulp, then it becomes regular Gujarati Kadhi

Stepwise Pictures :

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Summer season is incomplete without the mention of Aamras. Aamras or sweet Mango pulp is a very popular sweet dish. In Maharashtra and Gujarat, it is generally served along with Puris. My grandmother adds a teaspoon of ghee (Sajuk Toop in 'Marathi') while serving. 

Servings : 2-3 persons along with Main Course 

Ingredients :
5-6 Ripe Alphanso Mangoes 
2-3 tbspns Sugar (approx.)
A pinch of salt

Method :
First wash all the mangoes. Discard the tip of mangoes and squeeze out the pulp. Thereafter, remove the mango seeds from the pulp. Then add Sugar and a pinch of salt to it. Stir it with a spoon. Refrigerate it for few hours. Serve chilled with Puris.

Notes :
1. You may also add cardamom powder and saffron strands to the pulp make it even more rich.
2. If the mangoes are sweet enough, then do not add sugar to the pulp.
3. To get a even and smooth consistency, you may blend the mixture by adding some milk to Aamras.

Stepwise Pictures :

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mango-Pasta Salad

We are in the middle of Mango season in India and so I thought let me share with you, an unconventional Mango Pasta Salad. The dressing of this salad has a very pleasant sunshine colour and will definitely be a hit when served to guests.

Servings  :
Approx. 4 persons if served along with Main Course.

Ingredients :
For Dressing :
3/4 cup fresh Cream
2 tbspns Cheese spread
1 cup fresh Mango juice
1 tbspn mixed herbs
A pinch of Salt 

For Mango-Pasta Salad :
2 cups Pasta (boiled in salt water)
1 cup fresh Mango cubes
1/2 cup boiled potato (cut in cubes)
1/2 cup green capsicum (chopped in small squares)
Salad Dressing (As above)
Salt to taste

Method :
To make Dressing :
Take fresh cream, cheese spread, mixed herbs,  Mango juice and salt in a mixing bowl. Whisk it to make smooth creamy dressing. Set it aside for using in salad.
To make Salad :
Take boiled Pasta, potato cubes, green capsicum cubes and Mango Cubes in a mixing bowl. Mix it and add salt to taste, if required. Then pour the salad dressing over the salad. Ensure that the salad dressing is coated to the salad ingredients. Serve immediately.

Notes :
1. You may add boiled corn, yellow & red bell-peppers also.
2. Additional seasoning of freshly chopped Parsley or mint may also enhance the taste of this Salad.

Stepwise Pictures :

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