Sunday, January 9, 2011

Til Gul (Tilgulache Ladu)

Sankranti is just one week ahead. So I thought I will keep Tilgul ready. 

Til laddu's (known as 'tilgul' in maharashtra) are made during sankranti. While giving laddu's there is a tradition of saying - 'tilgul ghya god god bola'. Further, sankranti occurs during winter, seasme is good for health if consumed in this season. 

Ingredients :
4 cups polished seasme (Polished Til) (Approx 500 gms)
2 1/2  cups chikki jaggery (approx 500 gms)
1 cup roasted peanuts crush
1 cup dala (Dalia - which is used in Chivada)
1 cup grated dry coconut
1/4 cup pure ghee
1 tspn cardamom powder

Preparation :
Roast sesame in a pan till it is golden brown in colour and keep it aside.

In another pan, roast grated dry coconut in a pan for 4-5 minutes and keep it aside.
Take chikki jaggery in a pan and start boiling it.
In order to check whether the heating is done, take water in a cup and put drop of jaggery in it. Allow it to cool. If it forms a soft ball, then it is ready for laddus.
Now add pure ghee to the mixture and keep stirring the same.
Now add roasted seasme, peanuts crush, grated and roasted coconut, dala, cardamom powder and mix well.

For the Laddus
Make the laddus while the mixture is hot.
Grease hands with little ghee
Make small round shaped laddus

Note :
If the mixture becomes hard while making laddus, re-heat the same
Approximately 80 small size laddus are made 
Store the laddus in an air-tight container

Step by step photographs :


  1. Thank u for the beautiful tutorial.. In India my mom makes it on Sakranti to give it away to people.. I loved eating them.. Never tried them on my own.. Pinstaking process.. But this post does inspire..


  2. What is the difference between regular jaggery and chikki jaggery ?


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