Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mulberry Smoothie

At the time of returning from a short break at Mahabaleshwar, I bought mulberries which are rarely available in Mumbai. Though the mulberries are very delicate, I somehow managed to bring it home safely. Since I wanted to make something special on the special day of our anniversary and mom's birthday, I tried this smoothie. 

Ingredients :
1 cup vanilla ice-cream
1 tbspn fresh cream
20-25 mulberries

For Garnishing
1 tbspn fresh cream
5 fresh mulberries

Preparation :
Take vanilla ice-cream, fresh cream and mulberries in a blender
Blend till it becomes smooth
Pour the smoothie in a glass
Garnish it with fresh cream and fresh mulberries
Serve immediately

Notes :
The abovementioned preparation is for one medium glass smoothie.

Stepwise Pictures :

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