Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This recipe is taught by my aunt Neelima. I tried making balu shahi for the first time during last diwali and surprisingly, it was a big hit. The ingredients used for Balu shahi are few and the method is also very simple

4 cups Maida (All purpose flour)
2 cups ghee + ghee to fry balushahi
2 cups curd
½ tspoon soda
½ tspoon cardamom powder
A pinch of salt
Chopped pista

3 cups sugar
1½ cup water

Add soda, salt and cardamom powder to maida and sieve it together.
Heat 2 cups ghee in a pan and pour it on maida
Knead the mixture by adding curd and make a stiff dough
Keep aside the dough for 30-45 minutes

Now take sugar and water in a pan
Boil it on medium heat to a multiple strings consistency
Keep the syrup warm

Make small round balls (pedha size)
Flatten them slightly and press each with the thumb at the center
Heat ghee in a Kadai
Fry the balu shahi on low flame till they are golden brown
Turn the balls gently and fry on the other side

Soak the balls in the warm syrup for few minutes
Remove balls from the syrup and place them in a plate
Sprinkle finely chopped pistachios on it

Note :
If sugar syrup is left over, heat it further and pour it on balushahi, to get extra sweet balushahi.

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