Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Karanji (Olya naralachya karanjya)

Karanji is a also a traditional Maharashtrian sweet (faral item) made during the festive occasion of diwali. For non-maharashtrians you may call it fried dumplings stuffed with a sweet mixture of fresh coconut and sugar (i.e. olya naralachya karanjya) OR Khirapat.. Karanji is also known as Gujiya. Karanjis can be stored for weeks. Some people add semolina or khava also in the filling. However, the recipe given here is the traditional recipe.

My aaji say that along with the karanji you should also make a fried modak (by using the same dough and saran) as a brother of karanji.

Ingredients :
For cover
2 cup maida,
½ cup pure ghee
½ cup milk
Oil for frying

For Saaran
1 whole fresh coconut (grated) (Approx. 3 to 3 ½ waatya)
1 ½ to 2 cup sugar
1 tsp cardamom powder

Take grated coconut &  sugar in a pan.
Cook it on a low flame till the sugar is melted
Do not make it too dry. Cook only for 5 minutes.
Keep it aside for cooling.
Add cardamom powder at the end

Take maida in a bowl.
Heat ½ cup ghee in kadai and pour it over the maida.(This is called as “Mohan” in marathi)
Add milk and knead the dough
If required, use small quantity of water to knead the dough
Set it aside for ½ an hour
Knead it again to make the dough soft.

Take a small ball of dough
Roll it into a puri sized circle
Place a spoon of the filling in the center
Fold the circle in a half-moon shape.
Apply a little water or milk on the edges and seal it.
Now remove the excess sides with the help of knife or cutter (katan)
Cover with a moist cloth.

Repeat the abovementioned procedure for balance karanjis

Deep fry on medium heat till it turns golden brown.

Note : You may add dry-fruits of your choice to enhance the taste.

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