Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Surti Undhiyu

Undhiyu (Undhiya or Undhiyo) is a popular Gujarati dish made mostly in southern parts Gujarat. This dish is prepared in winters due to availability of seasonal vegetables. 

In this recipe, I have not added water at all as traditionally Undhiyu is cooked in the moisture released by vegetables during the cooking process. 

I have lots of sweet memories attached with this dish. My college friends used to gather at my place and we used to do entire process of cutting and preparing Undhiyu as a team. Once cooked, we used to sit and relish the amazing flavors. 

I would like to dedicate this recipe to my best friend, Bhavesh's mom. She has been my inspiration whenever I prepare this dish. The flavor of her Undhiyu still lingers on my palate.

Ingredients :

Vegetables for Undhiyu :
500 gms Stringed whole Broad beans (Surti papdi)
1/2 cup fresh pigeon peas (Tuvar dana)
1/2 cup fresh Broadbean seeds (Papdi dana)
250 gms cubes of purple yam
4-5 medium sized potatoes (peeled and slit criss-cross)
4-5 small eggplants (slit criss-cross)
2 ripe bananas (slit criss-cross)
20-25 nos methi muthia (refer to the methi muthia recipe)

For Green spice (Green masala):
2 cups fresh grated coconut
1 cup fresh finely chopped corriander
1 tspn ginger paste
2 tspns green chilly paste
1/2 cup chopped fresh green garlic
1 lemon juice
2-3 tbpns sugar
3-4 tbpns seasme seeds
1 tbspn chopped fresh turmeric (haldi)
Salt to taste

Other Ingredients :
2 cups oil (or more as required)
1 tspn carom seeds (Ajwain)
1/2 tspn fruit salt or soda bi-carb
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste

For Garnishing :
Chopped corriander
Chopped fresh garlic 

Method :
To make Green Spice :
Mix all the ingredients together
Set it aside for stuffing 

Pre-preparation :
Cut yam into cubes and coat it with the green masala
Marinate yam for 10-15 minutes
Cut potatoes, eggplants and bananas in criss-cross
(Give one cut on upper side and another on opposite side)
Stuff green spice into the cut vegetables

To make Undhiyu :
Heat oil in a large vessel 
Add carom seeds, stringed Surti papdi and saute it for a minute
Then add soda-bicarb and half of the green spice prepared
Close the lid of the vessel with a plate and pour some water on it
Let it cook for 5 minutes on very low flame
Then add tuvar dana and papdi dana 
Mix it with the semi-cooked surti papdi
Again cover the vessel with lid
After 10 minutes add marinated yam and methi muthia
Add salt and sugar to taste
Above this layer add layer of potatoes and eggplants
Again cover the vessel and let it cook for 15-20 minutes
Lastly add layer of bananas and methi muthias 
Cover it with lid and further cook it for 15 minutes
Switch off the flame and do not open the lid
Allow it to cool for 20-30 minutes
Sprinkle chopped corriander and green garlic over it
Serve hot with puris

Notes :
1. Slit potatoes, eggplants and bananas in such a manner that the segments are not separated.
2. If the muthias are soft, layer it at the end (Top layer).
3. If you feel that the final undhiyu is a bit dry or less juicy, then heat some oil and pour over the Undhiyu.
4. Some people also add sweet potatoes, green peas and raw bananas. You may layer it according to the cooking time it takes. 
5. Most important part is whenever the vessel is covered with a plate, ensure that there should be water in the covering plate. Otherwise the Undhiyu will stick to the bottom of the vessel.
6. Lastly, ensure that the flame is always low during the entire cooking process

Stepwise Pictures :


  1. Love it Amu. Excellent Receipe. You are the Best. Thanks..

  2. Sounds deliciou.....very new to me..........Happy following you

  3. wow...the recipe looks amazing.....and shows your hard works....lovely

  4. Never heard of this dish, looks delicious!

  5. I have no cooking talent, really ... but undhiyu is one of my three favorite Indian dishes. Some 20 years ago, a Gujarati friend brought me some that his mother had made. I was hooked!

    I had some undhiyu at an Indian restaurant in Chicago one time, which was fantastic.

    Unfortunately, none of the restaurants around Kansas City (where I now live) offer it. But some of the grocery stores carry Deep's frozen version, which ... although it's not "fresh" ... is very tasty.

    Maybe some day I will get brave, Amu, and attempt this!

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