Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spanish Pulao

Here is the mouth watering recipe of Spanish Pulao, a guest post by my better half.

Ingredients :
To make rice :
2 cups basmati rice
2 tbspns oil
4 cups water
Salt to taste

For dry spice :
3 cloves
3-4 black pepper cons
3 sticks cinnamon (approx 1/2 inch)

For paste :
10 kashmiri red chillies
10 garlic cloves

To make pulao :

4 tbspns oil
1  medium sized potato (boiled in turmeric water and salt)
1/2 cup blanched green peas
1/2 cup blanched carrot slices  (round shaped)
1/2 cup vertically chopped and blanched french beans
2 tomatoes cut in round shape (medium size)
2 finely chopped onions (medium size)
1 vertically chopped capsicum
1/2 cup curd
Cooked rice
Salt to taste

For Garnishing :
Tomato slices

Preparation :
To cook  rice :
Heat 2 tbspns of oil in a pan
Then add rice and fry it for 5 minutes
Thereafter, add water and salt
Transfer it into a plate
Allow it to cool for at least 1 hour

To make spice :
Dry roast all the spice ingredients till aroma is released
Grind it into fine powder

To make Paste :
Soak red chillies in water for 3-4 hours
Blend red chillies and garlic into smooth paste

To make pulao
Heat 4 tbspns oil in a pan
Then add chopped onions and capsicum
Saute it for 8-10 minutes or till the onion starts changing its colour
Then add chilly-garlic paste and saute it for 2 minutes
Add all the blanched vegetables, spice powder, salt
Saute it for 2-3 minutes
Bring down the flame to low
Add cooked rice into the mixture * (See Note)
Cook it on low flame for 3-4 minutes
Garnish it with chopped tomato slices
Serve hot

Notes :
* Alternatively, at this stage,  transfer the pulao mixture  into a tray
   Spread 3-4 tablespoons of grated processed cheese over the pulao
   Heat it in oven at 160 degrees till the cheese is melted

Stepwise Pictures :


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  1. Wow, you have some great recipes!!! I am following you from Rome, Italy!


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