Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gulkand Satori

Satori (or Satorya) is a stuffed sweet Indian bread. Generally, khoya / mawa is stuffed inside the roti to make Satori. Here I have added some Gulkand to mava to give it a twist. Gulkand is a sweet preserve of rose petals and is readily available in markets.The Satorya / sweet breads can be preserved for 7-8 days without refrigeration. 

Ingredients :

For Stuffing :
1 tbspn ghee
1 cup khoa / mava
3-4 tbspns Gulkanda
Sugar as per taste (or Sugar free)
1-2 drops Rose essence

For Cover :
1 Cup All purpose flour (Maida)
1 tbspn Ghee 
A pinch of Salt 
Water as required

For Roasting :


To make stuffing :
Heat ghee in a pan. Add mawa and roast till it changes its colour. An aroma will be released at this stage. Not turn off the flame and add Gulkanda, Sugar and rose essence. Knead the mixture. Make lemon sized balls and set it aside.

To make Cover :
Take All purpose flour (Maida) in a vessel. Heat Ghee and pour it on  the Maida [This is called 'Mohan'(Moan) in marathi]Now knead maida with water and set it aside for 10-15 minutes. Make lemon sized balls of maida. 

To make Satori :
Place flat pan on medium heat. 

Take cover-dough balls on a roller. Roll a small round sized puri of it. Place stuffing ball in the centre of the rolled bread. Cover it from all the sides. Roll it into a circular shape. Place it over the hot flat pan. Roast both the sides of the roti. Drizzle some ghee from the sides for roasting.

Notes :

You may replace All purpose flour with whole wheat flour to make it healthy.
You may try various other stuffings like leftover sweets like Burfi, pedha, etc.

Stepwise Pictures :


  1. Great flavors. My husband would love it :-)
    A khoya paratha made using whole wheat flour is traditional in Banaras, and I have seen a smaller and thicker version of puran poli in Chennai. Names are different but it's great to see the variations in different parts of the country.

  2. wow very rich and classic dessert. looks awesome.

  3. Thats a very very interesting recipe Amerendra.. am a big fan of Gulkand and love it in all forms.. I dont find gulkand here but i shall make it for sure when i ll be in india.. thnx for sharing..

  4. very nice n interesting recipe......awesome...

  5. yummyy!! delicious looking satori, lovely clicks

  6. Sounds exactly like southindian's poli, simply love that filling..

  7. My Aaji was a huge fan of Satori's.. and it been a while since we made any after her. She added Mava sheera to hers as far as I can remember. Adding gulkand in this heat would be a great relief to the body temp too. Thanks for sharing
    Love Ash.

  8. Mouthwatering here,

  9. deliciously done good for any time of the day :)

  10. I luv gulkand in satori...Nice sugar free recipe..Glad to be in ur blog

  11. Thaannnnnkkkkkssss a ton friend....

  12. Thanks a ton for sharing this ...:)


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