Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mava-Peanut Kachori

This is the recipe of regular Kachori with a twist. It has unique ingredients like Mava and Peanuts. It tastes awesome and I am sure that it will make a good t time snack for your guests.

Yields 25 pieces (Approx)

Ingredients :

For the Stuffing :
2 tbspns Oil
3 tbspns Bengal Gram flour (Besan)
1/2 cup Mava (Khoa / Khava)
5-6 Cloves
1/2 cup roasted & depeeled Peanuts
1 tspn Cinnamon powder
4 tspns Coriander-Cumin powder
1/4 tspn Citric Acid (Nimbu phool)
1/2 tspn Turmeric powder
1 tspn Red chilly powder
1 tspn Black pepper powder
4 tspns powdered Sugar
Salt to taste
2 tspns water

For the Cover :
2 cups All purpose flour (Maida)
2 tbspns Ghee
Salt to taste
Water as required
Oil for frying

To serve with :
Green Chutney
Sweet Chutney
Yellow Sev

Method :

For the Stuffing :
Heat oil in a pan. Add Bengal Gram flour to it. Roast it for 15 minutes or till it releases aroma. Transfer it into a bowl. Then dry roast the mava, till it starts releasing oil. Now take cloves in a pan and dry roast it. Add the peanuts and roast it for 5 minutes along with the cloves. Allow it to cool. After cooling grind it into powder.

Mix roasted Bengal gram flour, roasted mava and Peanut powder into a bowl. Now add Cinnamon powder, Coriander-Cumin owder, Citric acid, Turmeric powder, Red chilly powder, Black pepper powder, powdered Sugar and Salt to it. Mix well and add a tspn of Water. Set it aside for using it in Kachori.

For the Cover :
Take All purpose flour in a large bowl. Add Ghee and salt. Mix it well. Then add some water and knead it into a dough that has medium tightness. Rest the dough for 10 to 15 minutes.

To make Kachori :
Make a small lemon sized ball from the dough and roll it in into circular shaped roti . Place a tbspn of stuffing over it. Now gather all the sides of the circle and join it. Keep the gathered side downwards and roll the opposite side with the help of rolling pin. Heat oil in a pan. Once the oil is hot, reduce the flame to medium. Deep fry the Kachori till it is golden in colour. Let it cool and transfer it into an Air-tight container. Serve it with tomato ketchup / Green Chutney & Sweet Chutney.

Notes :

Alternatively, at the time of serving prick it and pour some Curds, Green Chutney, Sweet Chutney and Sev over it.
The Kachori kept in an Air-tight container lasts for 4-5 days.

Stepwise Pictures :

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  1. Wow loved the filling...Perfect yummy kachoris..

  2. Omg, never thought of this combo for filling,super nutty definitely. Irresistible kachoris.

  3. Very innovative recipe. Like ur blog a lot dear. Glad to have visited. -)

  4. Wow! Looks yummy. Happy Diwali.
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  5. Its amazing recipe.... super filling one too... Glad to follow u....

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