Friday, October 16, 2009


First of all let me wish you a very happy diwali and a prosperous new year. Since I was busy in office, I could not post recipes for last few days. On the festive occasion of diwali, I am posting today the recipe of shankarpale.

Shankarpale is a popular snack in Maharashtra. It is also a traditional snack which is made during festive occasion of diwali. There are two type of recipes, sweet as well as salty. It has a high shelf life can be stored for days also.

Ingredients :
1 cup milk
1 cup sugar
1 cup pure ghee
3-4 cups maida (as required)
½ cup semolina (rawa)
Salt to taste.

Preparation :
Take milk in a pan and boil it.
Add the sugar and ghee to the milk
Heat the mixture further for 10-15 minutes
Add semolina to the mixture and stir it
Now add that much quantity of maida which can be absorbed into the mixture
Knead the dough
Keep it aside for 1 hour

To make Shankarpale
Take small quantity of batter and make a ball of it.
Roll it as we make poli
Cut the poli into diamond shapes with cutter
Fry it in ghee till it turns brown.
Drain the excess ghee by placing it on tissue paper after frying

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