Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quick Pav Bhaji

The recipe of this Pav-bhaji is slightly different from the conventional recipe, where chopping, sauteing and mashing is required. Hence, the name is Quick Pav-bhaji. Also, my aunt use to serve pav-bhaji with red chilly-garlic chutney, which compliments pav-bhaji like anything. This method is suitable for making pav bhaji in bulk quantity.

Lastly, credit of making this pav-bhaji goes to my wife..

Ingredients :
1 bowl roughly chopped onions
1 bowl roughly chopped tomatoes
1 bowl of chopped capsicum, cauliflower and green peas
4-5 medium sized boiled potatoes

Spices :
2 tbspns chilly garlic chutney
2 tspns pav bhaji masala
1 tspn kashmiri red chilly powder
1 tbspns ginger garlic paste
Salt to taste

1/2 cup oil
3-4 tbspns butter
Water for cooking vegetables
Corriander for garnishing

For Pav
Bread loafs (Pav)
Butter for frying bread

To serve with :
Red chilly-garlic chutney
Finely chopped onion
Roasted Pav (Bread loaf)
Grated processed cheese (Optional)

Preparation :
Pressure cook tomatoes, onions and vegetables (except boiled potatoes) till 3-4 whistles
Allow it to cool
Make fine paste of it in a blender
(If you do not like fine paste, then blend it with hand-blender to keep the vegetables chunky)

To make Pav-bhaji :
Heat oil and butter in a Kadai
Then add red chilly-garlic paste, ginger garlic paste and pav bhaji masala in the mixture of oil and butter
Saute it for 1-2 minutes
Then add the cooked vegetables paste in it
Cook it for 5-6 minutes
Then add mashed boiled potatoes to the mixture
Also add salt and red chilly powder (if you love spicy taste)
Cook it for further 5-6 minutes
(Add water if necessary)
At the end add fresh choppped corriander

To roast Pav (bread loaf) :
Cut bread loafs in the centre
Heat pan and grease it with butter
Roast bread on the greased pan from both the sides
Serve hot

Serving Pav-bhaji :
Take Pav-bhaji in a bowl
Garnish it with chopped onions and chopped corriander
Place a dollop of butter on the bhaji
Place buttered pav in the dish
Also serve Red chilly-garlic chutney and slice of lime with the pav-bhaji

Notes :
Carrots are also used in few pav-bhaji recipes
You may also add lime juice to ready pav-bhaji to give tangy taste
To make it more rich, immediately put grated processed cheese between two sides of bread after roasting
Also garnish pav-bhaji with processed cheese, fried cashews to give it a rich look

Stepwise Pictures :


  1. ur version is different..looks yummy

  2. I usually prepare it this way (minus the grinding veggies) as I like my pav bhaji chunky. Great platter with your chutney too :)

  3. @Priya.. I agree with you. Even I like chunky pav bhaji.

  4. Please suggest tips for roasting of breads in bulk, like 25 at a time. Is there any way?

  5. Please Suggest tips for quick roasting of breads in bulk, like 25 at a time. Is there any way?

    1. Himani, I do not have a solution for bulk roasting of breads, however you may do some pre-preparation in advance like cutting of breads, applying butter to both the sides and keep it in an air-tight container and just before serving you may roast it on high flame. You may also go one step ahead and semi-roast the breads and roast it for a while just before serving.

  6. my way of instant pav bhaji : In pressure cooker make tadka. Fry garlic ginger chilly. fry onions. tomatos. Add spices and vegitables ,water and pressure cook. after opening the cooker mash the subji and add butter. ready to eat.


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