Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spicy Red Chilly-Garlic Dip

This recipe belongs to my aunt. She use to serve Pav-bhaji with this Red chilly-garlic chutney and believe me it tastes awesome. It enhances the taste of pav-bhaji. Also, this paste can be preserved for 8-10 days and can be used in any curries or as a Spicy Dip.

Ingredients :

25-30 dry red chillies
20-25 garlic cloves
Salt to taste
2 tbspns butter

Preparation :

Soak dry red chillies in half cup water for 3-4 hours
Transfer soaked red chillies, garlic and salt into a blender
Blend it into a coarse paste
Heat butter in a kadai
Fry the chilly-garlic paste in butter for 2-3 minutes
Can be served with Fried items or Pav-bhaji

Notes :
This paste can be preserved for 8-10 days in refrigerator

Step-wise pictures :


  1. Really hot n fiery dip..perfect with indian breads too

  2. wow, that does look superb and tongue ticklingly spicy :)


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