Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gavhle (गव्हले)

When I was a kid, my grandmother used to make Gavhle (गव्हले) and I would also join her in that. It used to take hours for us to prepare these, but still it was a fun activity. “Gavhlyachi Kheer” is usually prepared and served during weddings as a good omen.

Gavhle may also be referred as the Indian version of hand made pasta. It is believed that Gavhle has got its name after the shape of wheat grain known as 'Gahu' (which is the Wheat grain) in Marathi. It is also known as 'Valvat' in few homes.

As per my knowledge, there are 5 types of Gavhale, viz. Gavhale (गव्हले), Maaltya (मालत्या), Fanole (फणोले), Mohor (मोहोर) and Nakhole (नखोले)

Ingredients :
½  cup fine Semolina
½ cup Maida (all purpose flour)
1 spoon ghee (sajuk toup)
A pinch of Salt

Preparation :
Mix Semolina and Maida in a bowl.
Add ghee to it.
Add only that much quantity of milk which is required to knead the batter with dry consistency.
Keep it aside for 2 -3 hours.
Again knead the batter.
Make gavhle by giving fine rice-like shape to the batter. (It should look like fine rice grain)
Dry the Gavhle under fan and not under the Sun. (It releases bad odour if dried under Sun)
You may preserve gavhle in refrigerator for many days

1. Kheer or Sakharbhaat can be prepared by using Gavhle.
2. It is also made with Maida (All purpose flour) only 
3. If the dough becomes dry then knead it with the help of few drops of water / milk


  1. Thanks for sharing this valuable information about gavhale. I've even looking for a video of it too. It would be a great help if you have one and can share it. Request your permission to share your recipe onot my blog and on a food group I am part of , on Facebook. I am putting up the recipe of gavhlyachi kheer and would like to share the method of making gavhale , with due credit to you. Thanks.

    1. Rupali, it would be my pleasure. Thank you so much and all the best!!

  2. Thanks Amarendra. The link to your recipe on my blog is here:


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