Saturday, December 7, 2013

Carrot Shorba

Carrot Shorba is an interesting Indian version of Carrot Soup. A must try during winters.

Servings: 2 Servings

Approx. Time:  20-30 mins.

1 tbspn Butter
1 tspn Oil
1 cup Chopped Onion
2 cups grated / chopped Carrots
1 tbspn Maida (All purpose flour)
1 to 2 cups Water (or as required)
1 cup Coconut Milk
Salt to taste
1/2 tspn White Pepper Powder
1/2 tspn lemon juice

For Tempering Topping:
1/2 tspn Butter
8-10 vertically chopped Curry leaves
1/4 tspn White Pepper powder

For Garnishing:
Curry leaves Tempering
Fresh Cream  / Coconut Cream

Heat the Butter and Oil in a pan. Add the chopped Onions and saute till it is transculent. Then add the grated Carrots and saute it for two minutes. Then add the All Purpose Flour (Maida) to the mixture and saute it again for a minute. Then add water into the mixture and simmer till it is cooked. Once cooked, cool the mixture and transfer it into a blender. Blend it into a smooth paste. Add some water while blending to give it  a smooth texture. 

Transfer the paste into a pan. Add some water. Cook it till it gets a boil. Season it with Salt and pepper powder. Also add the Coconut Milk to it and simmer for a while. Finish by squeezing fresh lemon juice into the Soup.

For Tempering:
Heat butter in a tempering pan. Add chopped Curry leaves, Pepper Powder and a pinch of salt into the batter. Saute it for a minute. Remove it from flame. 

While serving, pour the tempering on the Shorba. Garnish it with fresh cream or Coconut Cream. Serve hot.

If you want some crunch in the Shorba, shallow fry some green peas / Carrot cubes / Finely chopped French Beans in butter and add it to the Shorba. 

Stepwise Pictures:

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