Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Vegetable Stock

Vegetable stock is the basic ingredient that gives a distinct flavor to any Soup. There is no specific recipe for Vegetable Stock. It can be prepared by using any left-over vegetables in the refrigerator also. Now a days we get Vegetable Stock or Vegetable Stock Cubes readily available in stores. However, it contains preservatives  which may be harmful for health. 

Approx. Time: 1 hour

1 roughly chopped Carrot
7-8 Cauliflower florets
8-10 French Beans
8-10 roughly chopped Cabbage leaves
1 large Potato cubes
1 finely chopped Onion
18-20 Coriander Sprigs (with stems)

Other Ingredients:
8-10 Cups Water
1 small piece Ginger
5-6 Garlic cloves
Salt to taste
1 tspn Peppercons
1-2 Bay leaves

Peel the Potato and Onion. Wash all the Vegetables and roughly chop it. Take a large pot/pan and add water to it. Bring it to boil on large flame. Then add all the chopped Vegetables, Ginger and Garlic cloves to the Water. Also add Salt and Pepper cons to the Water. Then cover the pan and cook the vegetables for aprox. 20 minutes on medium flame. Thereafter add Bay leaves and again cover the pan. Simmer it for further 20 minutes on low flame. Turn off the flame and let the stock cool down. Pass it through a Strainer and discard the vegetables. Strained water is the Vegetable Stock. Transfer it in a Glass Bottle and refrigerate. The vegetable stock can be stored upto a week in refrigerator.

Alternatively, the Vegetable stock can also be stored in the form of ice-cubes. In that case, reduce the stock by boiling it further, without covering the pan. After straining, pour the stock in the ice-tray and deep freeze. At the time use, dissolve the cubes in hot boiling water. 

1. The Vegetable stock can be made by pressure cooking all the ingredients.
2. You may vary the proportion of the vegetables to suit a particular recipe of Soup or Rice. 
3. Vegetable like Green Peas peas, Tomatoes. Corn cobs, Asparagus or any left-over vegetables (except vegetables like Bitter-gourd) may be used.
4. To suit a particular Soup / Rice preparation, the stock may be flavored by adding few Mint leaves/ Parsley / Celery / thyme or any other spice.

5. If you feel that the  taste of Vegetable Stock is very strong, then you may add some Sugar to balance the taste.

Stepwise Pictorial:


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