Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ravyachi Kheer (Rawa Kheer)

In maharashtra the traditional kheer is made from "Gavhle". However, since it is very time-consuming, we prefer Rawa kheer / Shevayanchi kheer. This is also a traditional recipe and a very very simple recipe to cook. Kheer is generally served with puri during festive occasions.

1/4 cup rawa
3 cup Milk
1/2 cup Sugar
2 tspns pure ghee
Cardamom Powder,
saffron stands soaked in milk
Soaked Cashews - Almonds

Heat ghee in a pan
Roast the rawa in the ghee on low heat
Roast till it gives good aroma or light brown
Add milk and keep stiring it till its consistency becomes medium
Finally add sugar, dry fruits and boil it for few minutes
At the end add Cardamom powder
Serve it warm or cold

Note :
You may adjust the sugar according to taste


  1. Kheer looks fantabulous Amarendra! Am visiting your blog for the first time, you have a nice space. Do drop in at Chamchameet as well.

  2. Fantastic! It's interesting to know some traditional recipes from Maharashtra. Do try to visit my space TastyVeg, when you find time!


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