Thursday, May 3, 2012

Poha Burfi

Poha Burfi is a low-fat version of Khoa (dried whole milk) Burfi. This burfi is very simple and quick to make as the ingredients are readily available at home. In this recipe, I have used thin poha due to non-availability of thick Poha. Using thick poha may give a better texture to this burfi.

Ingredients :

For Poha Burfi
1 tbspn Ghee
2 cups thin rice flakes (flattened rice/Poha)
1 cup Milk
3 tbspns Sugar
1 tbspn chopped cashew nut 
1/2 tspn cardamom powder
1 tspn Milk masala 

For Garnishing :
Milk Masala

Ghee for greasing the plate

Method :

Take Poha into Colander. Wash and rinse gently under running water. Drain the water and keep aside for 5 minutes. 

Heat ghee in a non-stick pan. Add rice flakes in the pan and cook it for 7-8 minutes or till the poha starts changing colour. Then add milk and stir for 5 minutes. Then add Sugar and chopped cashew nuts. Keep stirring till the mixture is thick. Switch off the flame and add cardamom powder and milk masala. Mix it well. 

Now grease a deep plate with ghee. Pour the burfi mixture into it. Spread it evenly in the plate with the help of a  flat cup or spoon. Sprinkle some milk masala over it. Allow it to cool for some time. Then cut it into desired shape and serve immediately.

Notes :

1. If you are using thick Poha then quantity of milk may have to be increased.
2. Sugar can be substituted with sugar free powder

Stepwise Pictures :

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  1. wow very nice!i really didn't know this could be done with poha....great..lovely step by step pics.

  2. very nice burfi version. Can u tell me what is milk masala?

    Hamaree Rasoi

    1. Thanks for the compliments Deepa. Milk masala is a blend of nuts and spices like Almonds,Cashewnuts, Pista, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Saffron etc. It is readily available in stores. It is mainly used to prepare Masala Milk.

  3. This is a definitely a new one to me, looks very nice..

  4. What a combination,Amazing...I never heard Barfi of poha even I can't imagine poha can be used in barfi....very creative...good job Jay,keep posting...

  5. Quite a new burfi for me, beautifully done.

  6. Sorry by mistake I wrote jay instead of Amarendra.

  7. Tussi great ho Amu-bhai!!! Who would have thght of burfi with poha... Thanks for the post and the kind words you left at my space. Will give this burfi a try as I have too many packets of thick poha calling my name.
    Love Ash.

  8. Wow, OMG, that is amazing looking. Love the creativity and it surely looks super tempting.

  9. New to me.never had poha burfi.luks very tasty and awesome

  10. A unique recipe. Great idea

  11. this is something new and interesting to me. barfi looks delicious

  12. Wow your barfi si realy very temting, i will surely try this.

  13. How long does this barfi stay good without refrigerating?

    1. This will not stay good without refrigerating. You have to consume it immediately or refrigerate it.

  14. Can you please let me know how many pieces does the given quantity of ingredients make?


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