Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hrishinchi Bhaji

On the very first day of Ganpati Chaturthi, we use to start preparations for this bhaji. This bhaji comprises of mixture of 8-10 vegetables and is made specially for Hrishipanchami. We use to buy small quantity of vegetables from 'Vasai-vale' or ladies sitting with small 'vate'. This is totally oil free recipe but the taste is amazing.

Ingredients :
Alu Leaves along with Dethi
Laal Maath
Navdhari Bhende (Okra)
Pumpkin (Laal Bhopla)
Ghosale or Shirale
Snakegourd (Padwal)
Sweet Corn or Bhutta (regular corn)
Green Chillies
Salt to taste

Method :
Cut all the vegetables
Add some water and boil the vegetables in cooker
Add curd to the vegetables at the time of serving.

Optional : You may add tempering of  Pure Ghee and Cumin Seeds ("Tup-Jeeryachi phodni") to enhance the taste.

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